Transfer Machine


  • A transfer machine is so called because it aids the operator in transferring the carcass from the bleed line to the dressing line.
  • The first operator will dress the free leg and hang it on the transfer machine using a meat hook and roller.
  • The second operator then uses the machine to lift the dressed leg to a higher level allowing the deshackling of the second leg for dressing.
  • It is then hung into the machine using a meat hook and roller. The operator again moves the machine and in doing so moves the completed carcass to the dressing conveyor and brings forward the next animal.
  • The machine is available in all rail types and can be customised to suit the height difference between any bleed and dressing lines. 
  • The transfer machine has a mild steel internal chassis with heavy duty external stainless steel covers.
  • It is driven using a motor and gearbox activated via an pedal.