Dressing Conveyor


  • The dressing conveyor moves carcasses from the transfer/legging station to the weigh/wash area before the chills.
  • The carcasses are indexed into the dressing conveyor using a pneumatically powered infeed lifter.
  • It is normally set up as a stop start system but it can be designed to run at a slower continuous speed.
  • On a stop start system the conveyor moves the carcasses in increments from one operator station to the next.
  • It then stops for a preset period of time to allow each operator carry out their respective job.
  • The stop time combined with the amount of work to be carried out at each station dictates the throughput of the system.
  • Twin rail is our preferred rail although any rail type can normally be accommodated.
  • The conveyor is constructed in mild steel with a hot dip galvanize finish.
  • It is electrically powered and driven via a Reduction Gearbox.