Boning Hall Equipment


  • This device is to assist boner personnel and increase the volume of the hall.
  • The function of the bone puller is to firstly pull on the hinds. This removes the aitch bone with it the fores, the ribcage and the neck.
  • The second puller will then remove the thigh bone, the hinds and blade with the fores.
  • The bone puller is constructed using all stainless steel material and is driven using a electrical servomotor and encoder position control.
  • The construction of the puller is all stainless steel with pneumatic and electrical control.
  • The motor driven linera actuator moves and attached arm which in turn pulls the bone from the beef.
  • The various stages (speed and torque) involved in removing the bones, are controlled by an operator station (HMI).
  • The travel distance, speed and torque are entered on the HMI to adjust settings as required, for hinds and fore’s.
  • The main trolley system is carried with bearings and rollers where necessary.