Final Puller


  • The Realcold Millers Mechanical Final Puller has been developed for use on the NZ designed Inverted Dressing System.
  • The automatic machine removes the pelt in the final stages of the pelt removal process.
  • The DBC Control System:
    • Ensures the machine is responsive to each carcase to give the best pelt and carcase quality.
    • Requires a third of the power unit with each motor size and running costs.
    • Is self contained within the machine with virtually no running costs.
    • Is capable of 10 sheep per min (600 carcases per hour)
  • With the new DBC system Realcold Millers Mechanical has a clamping arrangement which provider a smoother hold on the pelt.

Smooth Pulling
Fully Automatic
Easy to install
Low maintenance machine
Multi settings optional

Increased Pelt Quality
Labour Saving
Reduced installation costs
Low running costs
Process all animal sizes