Elevators and Lowerators


  • This machine is required to lower bleed shackles from bleed rail height to a height from which an operator can lift them off.
  • There are several types available to accommodate different shackle types which include:
    • Chain lowerators
    • Screw lowerators
    • Vertical pneumatic droppers
  • Pneumatic devices can be added to index shackles one at a time or as required by the operator. This machine may not be required if a dedicated shackle return conveyor being used.
  • The elevator / lowerator is designed for changing the heights of the rails. The elevator is used when changing from low level rails for high level rails and the lowerator is from high level rails to low level rails.
  • The elevator and lowerator are both manufactured using either mild steel or stainless steel. The steel is always hot dip galvanised prior to assembly.
  • A loop of chain runs parallel to itself on each side of the machine.
  • Pushers are connected between the two loops on the elevator and the retarders on a lowerator. (This can vary depending on the application).
  • A motor gearbox is mounted at the end of the elevator / lowerator, which drives the chain.
  • There is a facility to tension the chain should the need arise.
  • Each loop of chain is driven around a sprocket at each end of the machine.