Tool Sterilisers


  • Hook Steriliser These are manufactured from stainless steel. To operate in conjunction with a conveyor the hooks are dipped into the sterilising water. Available to work from 82 °C water wor with a heating element to boost temperature from 40°C water.
  • No: 100150 (Standard without electric element)
  • No: 100150/E (Fitted with electric element) Hook Wash
  • Hook Wash The hook wash is manufactured from stainless steel. It works onboth , conveyorised systems and gravity rails. Jets of water are sprayed over the hooks. Options available spray water only or foam and rinse. Wash systems vary according to type of hooks & length of wash required.
  • No: 100160 (Standard wash)
  • No: 100165 (Foam & Rinse type)