Operator Hygiene Equipment


  • Freestanding Apron Wash
    Available with wash hand basin and knife sterilizer as
    options. Knife steriliser is available with a heating
    element to raise the water temperature from 40
    82°C or to run directly from 82°C
    All in stainless steel

No: 100100 – (Apron wash only)
No: 100100/W – (cw wash hand basin)
No: 100100/S – (cw knife steriliser, no element)
No: 100100/S/E – (cw knife steriliser, electric element)
No: 100100/W/S – (cw wash hand basin, knife sterliser and no element)
No: 100100/W/S/E – (with wash hand basin, knife, steriliser & electric element)