High Voltage Electrical Stimulation


  • The rate of aging depends on temperature and how long it takes for rigor mortis to be reached.
  • Unstimulated meat can be held at 10 °C for 10 hours before temperatures can be lowered.
  • However electrically stimulated lamb carcasses can be held for as little as 90 minutes above 6°C after which the temperature can be lowered.
  • Meat must be tender at time of sale.
  • Apply HVES within 30 minutes (lamb) or 60 minutes (beef) of slaughter.

Hold Lamb carcasses for 8 hours for not less than 7°C and not more than 10 °C then chill overnight at storage temperature.The product will be moderately tender after only 16 hours. Beef sides can be chilled immediately at air temperatures as low as 3 °C. The product will require 5 hours to condition and will then age. Beef sold 24 hours after slaughter will be moderately tender.

Benefit of HVES

  • Reduction in Carcass Weight
  • Accelerated Ageing of Product
  • Reduced Risk of Cold Shortening
  • Full Safety Compliance
  • Rapid Chilling Obtainable for Increased Throughput

The benefits that can be obtained from high voltage electrical stimulation when used in conjunction with rapid chilling are:

  1. Evaporative losses in carcass weight greatly reduced during cooling.
  2. Rapid chilling obtainable after one hour enabling greater production throughput.
  3. Accelerated “Ageing” of product. (Ageing begins after 2 hours normally this is after 24 hours)
  4. Reduced processing costs when compared to other specific production methods.
  5. Reduces the risk of cold shortening.