Deboning & Trimming Products


Based on extensive feedback from our clients, has GM Steel developped a new deboning and trimming concept.

The carcasses coming out of the chilling rooms will be quartered by the GM Steel quartering system. From there the quarters can go either to a quarter buffer chill or straight to the deboning plant.

Once the quarters enter the deboning plant, the high speed mechanized deboning system will pull the bones out of the quarters. Mechanized deboning does result in significant labor saving and yield increase. The mechanized debone systems from GM Steel are one of the most efficient and effective systems available these days.

Directly after the deboning, the boneless meat will be trimmed on GM Steel’s new designed trimming system.

The trimming systems from GM Steel are designed custom-made based on client’s specific production request.

The trimming system is based on a moving belt principle and can be extended modular based on capacity and/.or type of meat cuts.

The entire product flow starting from quartering and deboning up to packing can be included with track&tracebility as well. GM Steel’s software can always be connected and intgrated with client’s software/ERP system.

An increasing aspect in food/meat processing is hygien. Hence GM Steel has developped specific hygiene and disinfection units who can be included as optional systems. This will secure an ultimate hygiencic trimming process.

The deboning and trimming system from GM Steel does create very high volumes of meat per employee with low cost of ownership. These are one of the most important KPI’s in a meat deboning plant.

All systems from GM Steel are well know for their reliability, extreme strong&robust design. Our approach is that production from our clients may never stop.

GM Steel has installed several deboning and trimming systems all over the world with premium meat processors. A prove that GM Steel’s integrated deboning&trimming systems are well designed for the beef processing industry due to their high output, reliable and strong construction, flexible options and low maintenance cost.

GM Steel does not use standard formats but does listen to his clients and does use the clients feedback to design a custom-made deboning&trimming plant.